My name is Geir Andersen, and I am a Norwegian maker, creator, and woodworker. It is just a hobby as for now, but maybe some time in the future, I can make it my business. I have no formal training in woodworking or such, I'm a trained auto-mechanic and I have a degree in IT. I work for a private security company, so it's fair to say my experience is diverse.

I have always been taking things apart to see how they work, sometimes getting them back together... sometimes not so much... but usually they came up working again. While in school learning auto mechincs, we took a Volvo B20 engine completely apart and put it back together, and yes.. It did fire up and ran like a dream. Apart from this, my first "engine build" was when I decided to get my Stihl 020 AVPS EQ running again. You can find some videos on that @ my YouTube channel.

While in school training to be an auto mechanic, I "discovered" computers and a bit later, programming. I ended up writing simple programs to help me calculate my homework and just about anything I needed to do. This led me to, after completing two year school, opt for one more year in school training in computers and finally two years apprenticeship culminating in a degree as a computer engineer.
After working as a systems administrator for several years, I decided it was time for a change. I had simply been working 24/7/365 and wanted something new. I took a couple of months off, then I started looking for something new, without knowing what I was looking for. A friend of mine worked for a private security company and I, on a whim, decided to ask if they needed a recruit. Two days later, I was in full training and they sent me to school. I've been working for them since, and I still love going to work. I'm now in the administration, and have been so for some years.

I haven't been producing videos for some time now, but I'm eagerly trying to get back in business. I have a "shop" where I've placed most of my tools, and I used to be able to get there easily. However, a little while ago, one of the bridges on our main highway (E-18) flat out snapped and thus no cars or vehicles of any kind are allowed. This has more than doubled my driving time to get to my shop and I have found this to be a bit too much.
I brought my very small bandsaw home, and have used that on two small projects based in my livingroom. This was easy enough to do, but it was a nightmare to film. Enough so that I actually gave it up for the two projects I've made so far. I've set my mind on filming my next project, no matter how tough it might be, I just haven't decided what my next project is going to be...?

If you got this far, thank you for reading and I hope you'll have a look at the other pages and projects here.
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