Here is my latest project. From Sketchup drawing, to finished product (April 2015).
Again, no video of this project, but that's only because I didn't know how it would work and turn out. I'm planning to make a few more, now that I know I can do it and I also know that I'm going to make this for another person who has expressed interest.

The image on the right is my very basic Sketchup drawing. I feel a lot more competent now than when I started using this great software, but I'm still only a beginner. I'm playing with this software almost daily, and several times a day sometimes.

This was drawn at 1:1 and I have offset the lid to expose the inside.

On the left is my finished product. I had some small sheets (1' x 1') of 5/32 plywood, and thought they might be suitable for this project. Getting thin plywood is a nightmare over here, the thinnest you can buy in a "lumber store" is about 1/4 thick.

It was pretty hard to get this done, as I made it at home in my living room where I used a small band saw and a belt sander along with my compressor and a 23 gauge headless pin nailer with 3/8 nailes.

It's also glued with Titebond II. This is my first time using anything other than normal wood glued bought here. It's white and decent, but after using Titebond yellow wood glue, I sure won't use the local stuff much more.

As you might see through my writings, I'm very disappointed with living in Norway. Prices, materials, availability, etc. is just ridiculous. Hearing, watching and reading about for instance going to say.. Home Depot, Wall Mart, etc. buying just about anything the heart desires... I'm man enough to say: I'm Jealous!!

Now, prices.. I understand that prices in say the US are normal and expensive to Americans, because normal wages are a lot lower then here in Norway. Norwegian wages and American prices go hand in hand. Ah well.. Enough of the rant, back to business.

I'm thinking of finishing this with Liberon Red Oak, but I haven't decided yet.


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