Guess what..! I've decided to learn SketchUp, to make detailed plans for my projects. I've never used anything to make plans for what I've created, other than in my head and maybe... a simple pencil sketch. The following article (at least I hope I can write an article), is me learning SketchUp and of me making the table in the sketch.

My first SketchUp

It looks a bit weird, but I actually like it a lot. Plausible reason why it looks weird is because there are no back legs.. This table is a cross between a shelf and a table, being fastened to the wall underneath the table top.

I had never thought I'd start using SketchUp, but anything is possible I guess. I've sort of been.. "Naah, I don't want do do all that..." I hope to get started being a YouTube contributor, and increase my views and subscribers. In order to give viewers the most possible, I decided to just jump in.

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Here's the finished product! This is made entirely from construction lumber, pine, and a simple knob. The drawer front is faux, but I feel it makes the table more whole.

Getting materials like cherry, mahogany, teak, etc. is vey hard, if not impossible here in Norway, unless you know somewhere to get the trees and a mill to cut it... I used 30x48 lumber for the legs, tapering from the center down. The front and sides are made from glued pine boards, as well as the top but the top is stained using red oak stain, and laquer. Simple paint, color Cumulus. There are only two legs, the back is fastened to the wall using wall brackets.

This project was my first experience using pocketholes. I found a place selling Kreg jigs and decided to spring for the R3 kit. Keep in mind these are fairly expensive here, the R3 was almost $100. Screws weren't cheap, but I found that I could use normal woodscrews and they did the job just fine. I actually liked using popcketholes and I will use it again.

My plan is to have small bowl on the table, where I can put my keys and what-not, for so I know where I put them.

Finished table

I started the build process, making video to post on my channel, but I quickly found the lighting and setting to low and bad for a decent video. This was made in my living room where I hade a small bandsaw and a jigsaw. Other than that I only used a drill and my newly acquired Kreg R3 jig. I'm planning on making another one of these sometime soon, but I'll make sure to get lighting and setting good enough for video.

That's about it for now. Thank you for stopping by and reading my article.
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