For a very long time, I used to buy and use the cheaper versions of loads of tools. It took several years before I, by chance, got to use quality tools. I was given a DeWalt drill, like the one in the photo below, as a combined birthday- and Christmas gift.


This is by far the best drill I have ever had the pleasure to use. It's DCD730C2 14.4V li-ion with a30-ish minute charger. Two batteries and by the time one is "empty" the other is fully charged.

Quality tools are very expensive here, often 10-times the price of a cheap-o version.

Being given such a great gift, it unfortunately also gave me a notion of craving the best version of any tool I use. I have since also bought the impact driver DCF815S2 and the multitool DWE315KT-QS, and have plans to upgrade more of my tools in the future.

I hope to get a quality bandsaw, a jointer and of course a thickness planer. I have neither of the last two so they are high up on my wish list.


The image on the right is my current bandsaw, a small and not very powerful saw. I like the fact that it has a fairly thin blade, but because it doesn't track all that well, turning tight corners is still a bit limited.




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